Sustainability is incredibly important to us. It’s also important for us to recognise that we haven’t found the perfect answer – yet – but we believe we have taken big steps towards making a positive impact. We commit to continuing to do so as new technology enables new solutions.

What steps have we made?

  • We’ve introduced new aluminium bottles. They’re light, strong, recyclable and reusable. In addition to this, they look and feel great, both in your kit bag and on your bathroom shelf.
  • We adjusted the sizes of our bottles to reduce waste. Users get through our Active Cleanser at a far faster rate than Enhance & Protect. As such, we adjusted the size of each so that they would deplete at the same time. This will reduce the impact of postage on the environment as you are able to order both together.
  • Our innovative two-step solution diminishes the need for masses of products, thus reducing the need for unnecessary bottles and packaging.
  • We’ve purposely never had outer packaging on our products, and we feel passionate about keeping it this way. It is almost always disposed of immediately and not necessary. 
  • If you want to dispose of any of our packaging at any stage and don’t have a practical option for yourself, we are very happy to take them back and responsibly process them.


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