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Enjoy your active lifestyle with healthy, clear, soft, glowing skin. These are game changing skin health products for active people everywhere.

Active Cleanse 

Active Cleanse is part one of just two steps in the CJ Skinhealth regime. Cleansing the skin removes impurities and pollutants, removes makeup and clears the pores of dirt and dead skin cells. It's a crucial step, but the Active Cleanser doesn't stop there. It also exfoliates for an extra deep clean and tones for evenness and a brighter finish. The Active Cleanser also softens and purifies the skin. You can use it with or without water and it's suitable for every skin type, especially sensitive skin.

Enhance And Protect

The Enhance and Protect formula is exceptional. Once the skin has been through its deep wash, we need to pull some hydration back into it. Enhance and Protect is a moisturiser packed with plenty of other benefits, possessing both an SPF and UVAPF of 30 for the long hours our skin is exposed to sunlight and UV rays. Aloe vera keeps the skin free of redness and irritation, but also works to heal the effects of breakouts. Better still, the hyaluronic acid content in Enhance and Protect adds and then seals in moisture, so dryness is greatly reduced. Best of all, the moisturiser won't run into your eyes when you sweat during your workout!


We are keen to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, but we truly understand the demands of such, so if that sounds like something you can relate to, try out the CJ Skinhealth method. And, just like that, you've cut your time-consuming skincare session from at least five products down to just two!

Bianchi Dama collaboration

We got together with Bianchi Dama, one of the UK's elite cycling teams, to create and test the simplest skincare routine possible. So what exactly does a cycling team have to do with the development and trialling of skincare?

We know there can be very little time in an average day to take a long pause and go through a skincare routine made up of multiple products. Bianchi Dama train vigorously for road and track races all year. The exhausting training sessions and often harsh weather conditions on the face can either leave the skin feeling dry or inovercome in breakouts. They need something that can keep their skin feeling fresh all day and, what's more, Bianchi Dama is not just a group of competitive cyclists. Many of them work normal jobs or are students, so they don't often have time to use more than a couple of products, making them perfect for testing a simple and effective skincare ritual.

Lucy Charles-Barclay

" CJ Skinhealth has been a game changer for my skin! I noticed the benefits very rapidly and have been amazed by the results. As athletes we put our skin through a lot, from sun exposure, sweat & chlorine. I've always struggled with my skin from being too dry to having constant breakouts. I've tried so many products on the market and none have come close to the results I've seen with CJ Skinhealth. My skin is now much clearer, feels smoother and looks glowing."

🥇Ironman African Champs 2019 & '18
🥈Ironman Worlds 2018 & 17
🥈70.3 Worlds 2018
🥇The Challenge Championship 2018 & 17

Hayley Simmonds

"As somebody who can spend up to 6 hours at a time outside on the bike, in all weather, I've previously found it extremely difficult to find products that keep my skin in good condition. The CJ Skinhealth products have been incredible! Enhance & Protect has prevented my skin from drying out during the winter months, but doesn't leave my face greasy."

2018 Commonwealth Games Time Trial bronze medallist, 2015 & 2016 Elite British Women's National Time Trial Champion, 12 x Cycling Time Trials National Champion 2014-2018 

Active Cleanse
Enhance & Protect