Created for people with active lifestyles

To help us achieve our goal of helping to improve and protect the skin health of active people, we collaborated with Bianchi Dama, one of the UK's elite cycling teams, to help develop the products. They challenged us to create just two products to meet all their needs and replace multiple products. They performance tested them in demanding conditions from the cold, wet winter to the sun and heatwaves in summer. The team have many different skin types and combinations including oily, dry and super sensitive. Therefore, we had to make these products work for every member of the team. We only moved to production stage when every member was happy with the products. 

"We've been working with the CJ Skinhealth team perfecting and weather-testing their Active Cleanse and Enhance & Protect products.  I work in the world of product development and know that it's never going to be an easy brief meeting the high expectations of 10 women with busy lives, but CJ Skinhealth have done just that and we're very proud of the products we've helped create." Sarah King, Bianchi Dama Rider and Team Captain

"Not only is this an interactive and valuable partnership, it is unique in women’s sports sponsorship, as no product development has ever been established with such an active team racing at a national level. This relationship provides CJ Skinhealth the opportunity to develop and market products that have genuinely been through a tough testing process with these active sportswomen." David Walters, Bianchi Dama Team Manager 

We changed our name from Charles James Harley Street to CJ Skinhealth as it is more relevant to our purpose