Our mission is to improve and protect the skin health of people with demanding lives in the most effective, simple and sustainable ways. We wanted to simplify life, so we created two products that give your skin what it needs, when it needs it.

We have made the benefits of multiple product skincare regimens available in just two products by balancing the most effective active ingredients to work in harmony. The CJ Skinhealth products are for anyone that wants to "scale down" their skincare steps without missing out on any of the benefits. It can be a challenge layering different products and can be hit and miss but we have done the hard work to ensure the right pH levels and delivery for your skin to avoid the complications you may face when trying to mix and match different skin care products.

Our Harley Street Skin Specialist, Mrs Elaine Thornhill, has over 30 years experience improving people's skin and developing specialist skincare products. She created the CJ Skinhealth products with a team of scientists at the innovation laboratory and performance tested them over many years, throughout all the seasons, with elite athletes, busy parents and high flyers, so we are confident that they will work for you. 

Continuity and consistency of use of a good skin care regimen and a healthy lifestyle are key to good skin health. Most skin care products are designed for maximum immediate effect or quick fix but can't be used too often. Ours have been created so you can use them daily and multiple times a day, as needed, depending on your activities, to give you immediate and long term benefits.

The skin is your largest organ, it's alive and works in approximately 4 week cycles from new skin cells being generated, rising up to the surface and coming off as dead skin cells. Our products have been created to help this process which is how they can help benefit your skin for the long term, as long as you use them consistently.

They are gender neutral skincare because men and women's skin benefits from the same ingredients and self-care. Men and women's skin is structurally the same although there are some nuances such as men's skin is typically slightly thicker, has larger oil glands and grows more terminal hair. We are about skin health, which is for all genders. The similarites far outweigh the differences.

Our approach to sustainability is to try to reduce the amount and frequency of recycling needed, by creating fewer products and packaging in the first place with a two product regimen and by making the products very efficient, so the same volume of product lasts longer.

The bottles have airless pumps which ensures that all of the product is used and therefore no wastage. We don't use outer packaging such as cardboard for the products, the bottles are stand alone and we send them out with minimal packaging. We are constantly researching new solutions and we look at the full life cycle impact from the energy used to create the bottles through to recycling. 

The products have consumer product safety reports conducted by an independent body using EU standards and the SPF in Enhance & Protect has been independently verified.