Our Purpose

We want to help you enjoy healthy skin now and to protect it for the future by providing skincare products in the most effective, simple and sustainable ways. 

The health of your skin reflects your lifestyle, mental and emotional states, which is why we also collaborate with people that help your overall health and wellbeing.

Our Inspiration

Athletes can be doing all the right things with training, eating and sleeping well but their skin can suffer from breakouts (especially helmet lines, back and chest), dry and oily skin (sometimes at the same time), weathering and premature ageing due to the exposure to the elements. Many athletes have demanding day jobs and don't have the desire, time or money to follow a complicated multi-step expensive skin care routine.

We saw a way that we could help by developing skincare products with elite athletes to address all these issues and fulfil our purpose.

How we developed the products

We sponsored an elite cycling team so we could get insight into the skin challenges that they faced and our products are the first skincare range to  be developed with a team of athletes. 

The rigours of an active lifestyle are many, with the skin taking the brunt of all the elements be it in training, racing or time spent indoors at the gym. By factoring in all these demands and multiple effects that the environments can have, we developed our products to not only protect the skin from harm, but can enhance the skin’s ability to cope with all that is thrown at it.

Our skin specialist knew which active ingredients needed to be added for best results as she has many years experience successfully developing specialist skincare ranges and seeing the results first hand with her patients, 

After many iterations and performance testing by the athletes in all weather conditions, the team of scientists at the innovation laboratory successfully balanced many active ingredients to best effect in a way that they athletes liked to use.

Who we are

James Thornhill studied advanced cell cytology as part his Neuroscience degree at UCL and after many years in the corporate world relished using this knowledge working with the scientists to create the skin care products.

Mrs Elaine Thornhill has been a Skin Specialist in Harley Street, London, for over 30 years and for the last 20 years has operated an exclusive register of patients. This means you won't see any adverts for her services. She has also developed very effective and successful specialist skin care ranges, so brings a wealth of experience to CJ Skinhealth.

Please get in touch with us either via social media or email hello@cjskinhealth.com to discuss your skin concerns, ideas, feedback and the products. We're here for you.