How to use:

  • Use daily in the morning and at night, and after physical activity.
  • Work over the surface of your skin to remove the build up of surface debris, perspiration, make up (if applicable) etc. Remove with water and a cotton pad or tissue.
  • We recommend a second cleanse, to release the clogging that contributes and leads to acne and blemishes.
  • NOTE: If using on-the-go/while training (without access to water) the formula has been designed to be able to be wiped off with just a cotton pad. Still achieving the same cleansing effect.
  • Active Cleanser can also be used in the same way on other parts of your body such as chest and back.
  • If you feel a breakout is coming or has arrived, then you can use active cleanse as a mask. Once you've double cleansed, simply apply it and leave on for 15 mins before removing with a cotton pad or water, as described above.

    How to use Enhance & Protect from CJ Skinhealth:

    • Apply daily in the morning and at night, after using Active Cleanser.
    • Apply a thin layer of Enhance & Protect using clean finger tips - ensuring you cover your face, inclusive of your lips, ears and neck.
    • To take advantage of the sun protection properties, Enhance & Protect can be applied to your body too – in particular on your arms, chest, back, hands and legs.
    • Enhance & Protect can be used as a topical treatment on skin injuries such as cuts, road rash and after surgery to help the skin heal and reduce scarring.