Your skin will face many challenges this winter from the outdoor elements and indoor conditions. Active Cleanse, Enhance & Protect have been specifically formulated and tested to protect your skin.

The following are some of the challenges that our simple and effective daily two step skincare routine help overcome. 

Wind burn is caused by the wind dehydrating the skin and removing the oils that moisturise it, which increases the skin's sensitivity and susceptibility to sunburn from the UV rays that can penetrate through clouds and into your skin.

Dry, chapped skin is caused by very dry air as there is less air humidity, especially prominent in exposed areas such as the face, neck and hands, which can cause a ‘weather-beaten’ look. Moving your exercise regime indoors to the gym can also cause your skin to become dry with increased exposure to central heating or air conditioning systems. 

Blocked pores are made worse by cold tightening the skin, restricting the ability of the pores to breathe properly. This inhibits their natural function, clogging them and therefore reducing the release of the naturally-produced protective oils. This can make the skin susceptible to drying and infection (spots and blackheads). Eczema sufferers will identify with their skin worsening as the weather changes. 

Redness and Broken veins are caused by the sudden change in the size of capillary blood vessels when entering a warm building from the cold outside (or vice versa) as they respond to the temperature differences, which can cause broken veins and increased redness to the skin.  

‘Ski goggle burn’ is caused because the intensity of the sun is greater at a higher altitude, producing similar sun exposure to that found on a beach holiday and the albedo nature of snow reflects the majority of the sun’s radiation back to us. The cold environment cools the skin, preventing the sensation of heat that usually warns us that our skin is getting sunburnt.