Our purpose is to improve skin health and reduce skin damage to prevent premature aging and skin cancer in athletes

Skin health issues that athletes face

Our products solve their skin health issues

15,970 new cases of melanoma skin cancer, 2014-16 average UK

2,285 deaths in the UK 2016, 86% are preventable, 86% are caused by UV exposure

Highest increase in females 15-39 but men are 55% more likely to die

Athletes are at high risk and stop using available products due to usability issues

We have leveraged research, experience and advanced science to produce two skincare products specifically for super-active lifestyles

We developed the products with athletes, skin specialists in Harley Street, London and an innovations laboratory

Active Cleanse, Enhance & Protect are innovative, unique, new proprietary formulations that contain many active ingredients that have been specifically selected for their scientifically proven effectiveness and they solve the barriers to use

Sweat increases skin sensitivity and the risk of sunburn and other sun-related skin damage

They reduce the skin’s sensitivity, which reduces skin damage

Sunscreen runs into their eyes when they sweat and causes the body to warm up by blocking the skin’s pores

Enhance & Protect contains SPF30 and UVAPF30 sunscreen that doesn’t run into the eyes when you sweat and does not block the pores

Athletes suffer from lots of break outs and spots due to sunscreen, perspiration, outside dirt, pollution and hormones

Athletes can now enjoy healthy, clear, soft and glowing skin. Healthy skin is beautiful skin

Lucy Charles-Barclay, Red Bull Athlete and multiple Ironman champion, says 'I have been using CJ Skinhealth for 6 months now and the products have been a game changer for me. As someone who has struggled with dry skin and breakouts since my early teens I never thought I'd find just 2 products that could solve the problem.  I use CJ Skinhealth every day pre and post training sessions and I have noticed a huge difference, I even get complimented on my skin now which I never thought would happen!‘

Their skin doesn’t fit into the boxes that the skin industry likes, forcing athletes to choose separate products for dry, oily and/or sensitive skin

They are for all skin types including oily, dry, sensitive, combination and from fair to dark

For women and men

The skincare industry wants to sell at least 10 products for a multi-step skin care regime (Glamour)

We created two skin health products because athletes told us they only wanted two

They prevent blocked pores, breakouts, pigmentation, sun damage, red skin, rosacea and premature aging

They help the skin to heal including road rashes and scars

They are efficient, the 50ml sizes last months

There are no skin care products created for and tested during development by athletes that meet all their needs

The elite level cycling team, Bianchi Dama, usability tested the products in harsh winter and summer conditions during development. They were demanding and brutally honest.

“No product development has ever been established with such an active team, racing at a national level, that has genuinely been through a tough testing process David Walters, Bianchi Dama Team Manager

Most sunscreens only contain SPF, which is for the UVB burning rays. The UVA rays are the aging rays that cause skin damage and cancer. The difference between SPF30 and SPF50 is not as great as people think and therefore leads to bad behaviours of not reapplying soon enough, resulting in skin damage

Enhance and Protect is SPF30 and UVAPF 30, which is ideal for athletes

We have the certificates from the in-vitro and in-vivo (human) testing that meet EU standards.

They don’t always have access to water to clean their skin, especially after a race and before going on the podium

Active Cleanse can be used without water and just needs to be wiped off to take away the impurities that it lifts from the skin’s pores. Leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean, soft and revitalised

Athletes are critical and sceptical

All the ingredients have been scientifically proven to work

The products have passed all the EU regulatory tests and we have the Consumer Safety Product Reports

The biggest challenge for the innovation team was to get all the active ingredients to be stable in each product, no other skin care products have the number of active ingredients that we have

They have not been tested on animals and do not contain any animal derivatives or parabens

Athletes want to deal with companies that have values that they live by

Our values are Trust, Respect and Integrity

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking

These are core to everything we do, especially in the product development and production