Think of these products as training and recovery for your skin and use them in a similar way to your nutrition, in that the more active you are in more demanding conditions then the more often you can use them during the day. These are not normal cleansers and moisturisers, which tend to dry out or cause skin irritations if used multiple times a day. These were created to be used multiple times a day. They are treating your skin, providing your skin with the ingredients it needs to help itself and they help protect it against the indoor and outdoor elements.
The skin works on a 6 week cycle on average, which means the new born skin cells rise up through the epidermis layers until they come off. You'll see immediate benefits from the products but some of the ingredients work over at least 3 skin cycles to really take effect. So for best results, keep using them for at least 3 skin cycles. 
Active CleanseUse daily in the morning and at night, and after activities. Massage into your skin and remove with a cotton pad or water then repeat. We highly recommend double cleansing for all skin types. It is exceptionally efficient - a little goes a long way. Follow up with Enhance & Protect for best results. 
Enhance & Protect: Apply daily in the morning and at night to clean skin and re-apply during the day when needed, especially before doing outside activity. Formulated to be used after Active Cleanse. It is important to apply sparingly, especially around the eyes because it is really efficient and effective. If you are used to normal moisturisers then you may feel compelled to put too much on but it doesn't need it. It's also been designed to be used a few times a day. It depends on what you are doing and the conditions that you are facing that will determine how often during the day that you use it. The key thing to do is apply a little and often.