Active Cleanse

  • Cleanse first thing in the morning to clear the skin of night time debris that has built up
  • At night we recommend double cleansing for all skin types. 
  • The first cleanse removes the build-up of pollutants from the day and make up and the second goes pore deep to clear impurities and spent surface cells.
  • If you feel a breakout is coming or has arrived, then you can use active cleanse as a mask. Once you've double cleansed simply apply it and leave on for 15 mins before removing with a cotton pad.
  • Follow up with CJ Skinhealth Enhance & Protect for optimal benefit.

Enhance & Protect

  • Apply a thin layer daily in the morning and at night to clean skin and reapply during the day when needed, especially before outside activity.
  • It is very efficient so only a thin layer is needed.
  • It absorbs quickly but leave it 5 mins to settle before applying makeup or exercising.
  • Use around your eye but don't get it in your eyes.
  • Formulated to be used after CJ Skinhealth Active Cleanse.