Active Cleanse 

The beauty of the Active Cleanse is that you can use it any time, any place, anywhere as it does not need water! However, if you love the feel of water on your face then, yes, it works perfectly too.

Apply a small amount to your finger tips and then gently spread over the surface of your skin. Wipe off with a tissue or cotton pad. This removes surface pollutants and make up. Then repeat for the deep down pore cleansing and active action.

With water- simply spread over the skin then wet your fingertips massaging over your skin to a gentle lather then wipe off with a tissue or cotton pad.

Double cleansing is the key to a healthy skin - so simple with Active Cleanse. No toner or daily exfoliant is needed.

The Active Cleanse can be used all over your body and it's great to use in the shower.

Enhance & Protect

Enhance & Protect works best as a daily regime. Think of it as training for your skin. It will help prepare the skin, protect it from the elements and help recover afterwards.

Once you have cleaned your skin with Active Cleanse then you can apply the Enhance & Protect. Apply in the morning so it can work during the day and apply again when you are doing something that your skin needs increased protection from such as the sun.

Before bed, use the Active Cleanse to clean the skin from pollutants and makeup, then apply the Enhance & Protect to help your skin recover and replenish over night.

It can be applied to all areas of the face, ears, neck and any area of scalp that is showing. It can be applied to all of the body and it works on each of the different areas especially legs, arms, tummy, bum, chest and hip area. It can also be used as hand and feet cream.

Enhance & Protect works on all of your skin.