Our champions love the products and are happy to champion them.

"CJ Skinhealth has been a game changer for my skin! I noticed the benefits very rapidly and have been amazed by the results. As athletes we put our skin through a lot, from sun exposure, sweat & chlorine. I've always struggled with my skin from being too dry to having constant breakouts. I've tried so many products on the market and none have come close to the results I've seen with CJ Skinhealth. My skin is now much clearer, feels smoother and looks glowing." @lucycharles93
"As somebody who can spend up to 6 hours at a time outside on the bike, in all weather, I've previously found it extremely difficult to find products that keep my skin in good condition. The Active Cleanse and Enhance & Protect from CJ Skinhealth have been incredible! For the first time I've finished a bottle of cleanser and ordered more, and the Enhance & Protect has prevented my skin from drying out during the winter months, but doesn't leave my face greasy. I'm really looking forward to seeing the further improvements in my skin and putting the products through their paces throughout my racing season." @hayleyrsimmonds
"These two little products keep my skin clear and moisturised, I've never found anything I could actually use everyday as my skin would go so dry or really oily! I also had some eczema and having used the Enhance & Protect it’s completely gone! Brilliant and I would recommend to anyone. It’s really added to my confidence.  When competing your confidence can play a big part in how your race goes and feeling more confident in myself and my skin being completely bare, with no make up, has just given me that extra boost. I think everyone can relate that if you look good you feel good, it’s not often the thing that makes you look good is also the best thing for your skin!  These products have given that to me’" @bethonabike

"For outdoor sports (like cycling) it is really useful !! softer and more hydrated skin" @nicole_dagostin99

"I have sensitive skin so I rarely change my skin care routine, but this Active Cleanse (make sure you cleanse twice) is really so effective to remove impurities – it cleanses so deep it’s reduced my clogged pores, particularly on my cheeks. They told me I only now need two face products, the Active Cleanse and this new Enhance & Protect Moisturiser. I didn’t believe them, but I do now. They have smashed about 5 products into this one cream. It has made my skin so supple and dewy, plus it doesn’t run into my eyes when I go on my runs… I’m hooked." @charlotteloves


"These products are absolutely fantastic, managing to create a product which eliminates the fuss but most importantly the time one normally needs to spend on their skin care routine is rather amazing, one might even say revolutionary! I was hesitant to try them at first as I am religious with my skin care routine-I will double cleanse, maybe exfoliate, use a toner, a serum, a moisturiser, so I wasn't 100% sold on the idea of only using two products...well...I was totally wrong! After using the Active Cleanse, (double cleanse if I am wearing make-up) my skin feels fresh, clean, revitalised and soft and the Enhance & Protect feels like perfection as a second and can you believe it, a final step!" @thisischarlotteday

"I think the product is really amazing, very impressive and I take it all over the world - from Saudi Arabia to Thailand, HK and Nairobi! With regular gym activity and frequent business travel, the opportunity to take only two bottles around as a complete routine without having to consider where the nearest bathroom is (as they work without water), is super convenient. We are all 'crazy busy' and CJ Skinhealth products simplify life whilst keeping us looking the part." CEO