Bianchi Dama collaboration

The Bianchi Dama team have been involved with CJ Skinhealth to develop a new and innovative skincare range, designed for active people with demanding lifestyles.

The rigours of a cycling lifestyle are many, with the skin taking the brunt of all the elements be it in training, racing, or time spent indoors at the gym or on the turbo. By factoring in all these demands and multiple effects that the environments can have, CJ Skinhealth have trialed with the team products that not only protect the skin from harm, but can enhance the skin’s ability to cope with all that is thrown at it.

“The innovation team at the laboratory were seriously challenged by the Bianchi Dama's brief for what they needed. After performance testing by the team and their invaluable feedback, I'm delighted that they are  happy with the products. The Bianchi Dama team perform at the top level and expect the same from the products they use. It has been a fantastic collaboration and the result is a high-performing skin care range for people with demanding lives and active lifestyles, which are unlike anything else on the market. We appreciate working with such a dedicated, disciplined and understated team of strong women.”

 James Thornhill, CJ Skinhealth founder

“These products have become part of the team’s everyday skincare routines as well as being used during training and racing. I trust that the products are looking after my skin during everything it goes through as we cycle in all weathers and that can really take its toll. We’re excited to have been involved at such a high level in the development of this range”

Sarah King, Bianchi Dama rider and road captain

"Not only is this an interactive and valuable partnership, it is unique in women’s sports sponsorship, as no product development has ever been established with such an active team racing at a national level. The platform that this relationship provides will enable Charles James to develop and market a product that has genuinely been through a tough testing process with these active sportswomen. The relationship with the team is very strong, open and both parties share ideas freely, both recognizing that the development stage is just the first of many important steps along the path to make the CJ Skinhealth skincare range a real success story."

David Walter, Bianhi Dama manager