Collaborative working by Sarah, Captain of Bianchi Dama

Hey! I'm Sarah, a Bianchi Dama rider and team captain. I'm going to be writing a few blogs alongside my team mates about what we do, why we love it and how our relationship with CJ Skinhealth helps us in doing so. So here’s the first. A little about our collaborative working, and a little about my recent (and very exciting) move to London.

We've been working with the CJ Skinhealth team for just over a year now, perfecting and weather-testing their Active Cleanse and Enhance & Protect products. It's been an exciting process, from getting the fragrance right, to making sure the product isn't too heavy on your face when you're exercising. I work in the world of product development and know that it's never going to be an easy brief meeting the high expectations of 10 women with busy lives, but CJ Skinhealth have done just that and we're very proud of the products we've helped create.

The product development and CJ Skinhealth launch has coincided (wonderfully) with a recent move to London. This has been partly for work, and partly because most of my friends live here and I'm a little late to the party. I've found that riding bikes is what has made this move feel very normal, very quickly. I've found my rhythm commuting to and from work, happily squeezing in my training on the inwards commute and enjoying my longer rides at the weekend. I've moved jobs too, which is always a little dauntingbut this too has come with ease. 

It's the simplest of things that have made this transition so easy. Having a decent shower at work when I get in from training at 8am, to the breakfast and coffee that's right there for the making before I get on with my day. It works and it becomes second nature. Plus, once you've nailed your bag packing on a Monday you're sorted for the rest of the week (until you realise you've miscalculated the number of pants you need). 

In essence, combining training and work has become a routine, and it's a very nice one.

Another great thing I get to add to my day are CJ Skinhealth's two products, something I also haven't had to think about to make a huge difference to my skin. It's funny. My Mum would always go on about how I should be moisturising every day and looking after my skin for the future (we know she was always right) but at 25 I'm finally living that advice. I make sure I have Enhance & Protect on my face before I ride home from work, before I put my make-up on and before I get into bed, working its magic three times throughout my day.

In addition to this, a stash of Active Cleanse at work to help get any leftover make up out of my pores, which leaves my skin feeling suuuuper smooth and refreshed afterwards. The products really are multi-functional. Having only two products to carry around or store in my tiny locker at work but knowing the difference they’re making, it’s a huge plus.

Combing these two products and using them throughout my day has become routine, and it’s also a very nice one.